Due to an increase in our regular business,
Western Costume Co. will not be having a Halloween Store this year.


All Halloween rentals will be according to our Private Rental Policy, outlined below.




  1. Private Halloween rentals are by appointment only, subject to availability. Please call 818-508-2174 or email orderdesk@westerncostume.com to schedule your appointment.

  2. Costumer Fee – There is a $60.00 per hour labor fee required to have one of our in-house costumers to pull your order and do your fitting. There is a one hour minimum fee although depending on your needs your order may take more than one hour. This fee is charged whether you rent items with us or not.

  3. Cleaning Fee: A cleaning fee equal to 15% of the costume rental amount is charged on all rentals. Some articles may be subject to a higher cleaning fee.

  4. Minimum Costume Rental: $100.00 plus labor (see Costumer Fee), any alterations, and Cleaning Fee.

  5. You can view a selection of what we have to offer here.

  6. SAFETY FIRST: This is not a self-serve facility; all visitors must be accompanied by a costumer at all times. Visitors are not permitted on warehouse ladders.

  7. Valid Photo ID is required for ALL rentals.

  8. Payment: We gladly accept cash, VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card for all rentals. We do not accept personal checks. All rental fees are payable upon costume rental. Rental/deposit payment methods are final. If any changes are made in payment/deposit method, you will be charged a 6% service charge.

  9. Credit Card Accounts: Credit Card Authorization forms and instructions are available on our website (www.westerncostume.com). We must receive this form and copies of your credit card and ID before we can begin work on your order.

  10. Security Deposits: A security deposit equal to three times the amount of your rental is required at the time of rental for all rentals. Credit cards are the only acceptable method of payment for security deposits on rentals. Security deposits are processed as an “authorization only” at the time of rental. The funds do not leave your account and the authorization will drop off automatically in two to ten business days depending on your bank’s policies, although there may appear to be a hold for the amount of your security deposit during that time.

  11. Not Available For Rental: Police, Military, Postal Workers, Religious, KKK, Nazi or Middle Eastern costumes.

  12. Rental period is for the month of October. Rentals are due back on the first week after Halloween.

  13. Return your costume to the Shipping/Returns Department located at the far end of our loading dock. Please bring your copy of your rental contract with you in order to facilitate your return and have all costume pieces on the hangers supplied at the time of your rental.