Grab Bag Sale

Western Costume is having a Parking Lot Sale!

June 23, 2018
8am – 2pm

Purchase a bag at the door, then fill it with as much as you can fit—as long as it will still zip closed. Bags come in 3 sizes and are priced at $25, $50, and $100. You can purchase additional bags within the sale.

If you prefer to browse before buying a bag, you can instead pay a $5 admission fee.

We will also have a separate section of individually priced books, fabric, trim, vintage crystals by Swarovski, sewing patterns, jewelry, posters, armor, and other oversized items.

* * * * *Please note that no personal bags will be allowed inside the sale!* * * * *


Where is the sale located?

Our address is 11041 Vanowen Street, North Hollywood, CA 91605. The sale will be in a gated section behind our building. The building will be locked, so you must enter from the back of the building. If you are taking a cab or ride-sharing service, you should be let off in front of United Audio Video at 6855 Vineland Avenue; this will put you by the side entrance to our rear parking lot.

What time should I arrive?

The parking lot will open at 7 am, and the sale begins at 8 am.

Where do I park?

There is a parking lot in the back of our building. See the map (at the bottom) for location.

What’s available for sale?

We are selling clothes, shoes, hats, handbags, accessories, armor, and uniforms, as well as books, fabric, trim, vintage crystals by Swarovski, sewing patterns, and movie posters.

What’s the price range of items for sale?

All clothing items (except armor) will be sold by the bag. A small bag is $25, medium is $50, and large is $100. Once you have purchased a bag, you may fill it with as much as you can fit in it—provided it still zips closed. Items that are priced individually, such as books, fabric, trim, posters, armor, and other oversized items, are priced to sell. Most books are between $1 and $10. Fabric will be sold by the bolt, so prices vary based on yardage and material.

Is there a preview before the day of the sale so I can see what I’d like to buy?

No. The sale is one day only.

Q: How big are the bags?

Bags come in 3 sizes. A small bag fits roughly a quarter of a rack; a medium bags fits roughly half a rack; and a large bag fits roughly an entire rack.

What if I want to look at what’s available before I buy a bag?

You may pay a $5 admission fee if you prefer to look around before buying a bag. If you opt to purchase a bag at the door, the admission fee is waived.

Can I haggle on the price of damaged items?

All items are sold “as is.” There will be no discounts.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. We accept cash and credits cards, though we recommend bringing cash as it will expedite your checkout. No checks.

Can my friend who doesn’t want to buy anything come with me?

Yes, but they will need to pay the $5 admission fee to enter.

I want to buy a lot of costumes for my theater group, can I get a discount?

There are no discounts for bulk purchasing.

What if I only want to buy one item?

Clothing will only be sold by bag, so you will have to purchase a $25 bag for that item.